Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aliens for $44.99!!!

Now you can get your very own alien for a mere $44.99! Great price! This is a baby water dragon I saw at the petstore when I went to pick up crickets for Richie. He's a wee bit smaller than Richard was when I brought him home.

Richie and I have moved! Now we're settled in at our new home.

He doesn't seem to mind having an extra body to sleep on!

For anyone who is curious about how to keep a lizard warm in a car during the winter months, I used heat packs under a towel for him. You just have to shake the packs vigorously, and the dry ingredients in the bag warm up. Such heat packs can generate a lot of heat (and for a long time-- up to 20 hours), so you must keep an eye on them. I found the packs at a sporting goods store for $1.99/4. They are intended for use in coat pockets and boots.

To maintain humidity, I draped a moist towel over Richard's pet carrier (a normal one for small dogs or cats).

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