Friday, April 24, 2009

You can't turn your back for a second!

I left Richard on his tower for about ten minutes and returned to find the tower... vacant!

After a brief search of the living room, this is what we discovered. A very smart idea, indeed!

Let's take another look at his antics:

As long as Richard is sleeping, he is still an angel. Too bad he's not always asleep. :-P

Another look at the harness and leash:

Life is great. Of course, Richard seems to hate us more and more each day, but at least the hatred is amusing. For now. I told Richard that if he keeps it up, this will be his fate. (Click on link to view photo)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lizard on a leash

I've just completed Richard's new harness. I also sewed a matching leash for it. :-) Richard looks very sharp in it.

Lately, Richard has been developing an attitude, which I can only associate with his approaching sexual maturity... He's exhibiting some hilarious behaviors, such as puffing up his neck, sudden repositioning, and sitting very erect in response to what he considers harassment, e.g., petting and tail-touching. As a matter of fact, I got a mild whipping from Richard's tail today when I tested his harness on him.

We had two guests over at the house last night. It was the first time they had met Richard. As soon as they entered the door, Richard reacted by inflating his neck. We've never observed him do that unprovoked. He exhibited no fear whatsoever, and even seemed to show off to the guests by being extra energetic (climbing my leg to my chest and then launching himself to the kitchen counter and eyeballing everyone carefully).

While these behaviors are amusing, they also herald the coming of the "new" Richard, and it saddens me to an extent. But such is the way of life! Our children-- I mean, lizards-- become ungrateful and surly, even though we keep their tummies full and their bodies clothed.

So, say "goodbye" to the sprightly Richard and his charming antics, and say "hello" to the grumpy fellow he is becoming.

I'm kidding. :-) This is just a part of growing up. I can deal with it! Hopefully you will still appreciate hearing about Richard when he's not cute anymore.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First adult discoid roach

Yesterday, one of the nymphs shed its exoskeleton, and emerged as a very beautiful adult. He/she is gorgeous. :-|