Friday, April 24, 2009

You can't turn your back for a second!

I left Richard on his tower for about ten minutes and returned to find the tower... vacant!

After a brief search of the living room, this is what we discovered. A very smart idea, indeed!

Let's take another look at his antics:

As long as Richard is sleeping, he is still an angel. Too bad he's not always asleep. :-P

Another look at the harness and leash:

Life is great. Of course, Richard seems to hate us more and more each day, but at least the hatred is amusing. For now. I told Richard that if he keeps it up, this will be his fate. (Click on link to view photo)


Haphazardkat said...

The pic of him sleeping under the little blanket is hilarious...and the flicker photos of Water Dragon bondage---hysterical!!!!

Anonymous said...

how did i know exactly what picture would be linked... i read your mind!

jerret said...

You gotta Great looking drag there, im curious but does the harness u constructed Bother his spikes at all? Im thinking of purchasing, or crafting one if i cant find anything suitable for my drag so i can take him outside without worries of having to chase him around the block

Hollywoodtomato said...

Hi, jerret. That's a good question. The harness didn't bother him a lot, but he didn't wear it for long periods of time, either. He actually outgrew the leash very soon after I made it... Lots of effort for not much return! You can reinforce the top part by sewing wire into it to help it keep a pointy shape over the spikes. That might help. Just make sure you wrap the wire so there's no chance it can poke your lizard.