Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is the Pee-pee dance?

Unfortunately, I do not have a video of Richard doing the pee-pee dance. It happens too suddenly for me to capture it. :-(

Occasionally, Richard is let out of his enclosure before he has made his daily poop. (It happens, folks) When this happens, he sometimes has no choice but to take care of business wherever he may be. Usually, Richard goes to the bathroom in his swimming pool.

Here's how the pee-pee dance works: Richard shuffles his rear end back and forth, frantically, in a shuffling, dance-like fashion. Since water dragons are arboreal, this shuffling usually positions them so that their hind end is hanging over the edge of a tree branch. This allows them to defecate onto the ground.

This behavior is useless on a wooden floor. :-)

When Richard begins to perform his pee-pee dance, we sometimes have the time to take him away. And other times, we don't. Bummer!

And that is the pee-pee dance.


Haphazardkat said...

LOL. My kid does the same thing :P!

Anonymous said...

What Richard's mom has failed to mention, perhaps in modesty, is that sometimes she catches the poops with her bare hands if Richard can't make it in time to his swimming pool. The dedication!

Hollywoodtomato said...

Chiff, that's not really the kind of information I prefer to share with the poo-blic. You have outed me.

Yes, sometimes I catch the poops.

But I wash my hands very thoroughly. hahaha

Padawan said...