Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The usual antics

"Oh, this thing looks like a tree! Never mind that it's short. I'll climb it, anyway!"

"Do I look like I'm ready to have my photo taken? Can't you see I'm trying to shed?"

"This could be delicious even though it's just the floor."

Close-up of Richard shedding his back:

A Dubia cockroach (not the same species as the one I featured before). This one just molted. Their exoskeletons harden and become darker after a while. I purchased a bunch of these from a breeder and am trying to grow my own colony.


Haphazardkat said...

YAY at more Richard pics...BOO at the creepy bug pic! (LOL)
you are so brave to HOLD it!! ack...

Anonymous said...

I lost my fear of touching crickets in order to feed my nephew, but I don't think I could handle touching those!

Hollywoodtomato said...

Aww, come on :-) They aren't gross. Really!

Yes, Richard's aunt (monkstress) used to be afraid of crickets. I find crickets ten times grosser than my roaches, though.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying the photos!

Karen said...

I think the shedding pics are pretty cool looking... And I admire your bug-handling skills! I stick to mammals so as to avoid that ;)

Hollywoodtomato said...

hehehe thanks! :-) I prefer mammals, myself! (Don't tell Richard that)

I see you have guinea peegs :D