Saturday, April 19, 2008

Images from November 2007

November was full of pleasant surprises. By the middle of the month, Richard had become very comfortable with exploring my room. He revealed himself to be a veritable monkey, climbing every possible object he could find. He developed a taste for my violin case, which he would ascend and nap on... daily.

I also got into the habit of hanging towels from my doorknobs to give him something to climb.

And, yes... I take a lot of photographs of Richard! :-) I found that natural sunlight was the most flattering. To be honest, I think Richard does the rest.

If you compare this photo of Richard to others from October, you may note that his nuchal crest has grown slightly! The scales on his face are also duller than those on his body. This is because the regions of his body shed at different times.
By the end of November, Richard measured 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) from snout to vent, and 13 inches (33 cm), including his tail.

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