Tuesday, April 29, 2008

March and April 2008

March was a crazy month for me, so there aren't many unique shots of Richard. So let's skip to April, shall we?

It's amazing what Richard's concept of "comfortable" is.

He saved me from an angry Styracosaurus !
But then he took pity on the Styracosaurus and allowed it to live.

Neither of us were prepared for the Deinonychus that would appear.

The Deinonychus ate the Styracosaurus... and then Richard ate the Deinonychus.
When I realized I had a real BEAST on my hands, I thought it would be necessary to protect the public from the rampaging Richard.... so I made him a special vest that would decrease his powers.

At first, he seemed to find it somewhat cumbersome.
But when he realized that it enhanced his looks, he didn't seem to mind it so much.
Now it seems my mom is interested in helping me make these lizard harnesses. I think I'll want one in a hound's tooth print with a red leash.

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